who we are

Naturally Helpful Marketplace is where you can find products that come to you from our source, Mother Nature. Here, we believe that you can live a happier and healthier life with nature in mind. 

Naturally Helpful started as Pollen Diet in 2012 after Valerie, its founder, had a physical transformation and lost over 30 pounds on an herbal supplement. When the supplement was taken off the market, she thought "Why not create my own?" Thus Extreme Pollen was born, Pollen Diet's flagship natural fat-burner! Following that, in 2015 they launched an herbal full body cleanse, Extreme Detox! In addition to their house brands, they offer several other manufacturers' products that also promote natural solutions for weight loss, energy & detox. In addition to being established as a home for Pollen Diet's supplements, Naturally Helpful Marketplace aims to make room for more of Mother Nature's finest products that promote overall healthy, balanced & pure living!

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